FAQ about our exclsuive internet mortgage leads.  


1. Are the Mortgage Leads Exclusive?
Yes, Each Mortgage Lead is sold to not more than one mortgage broker or lender. If a lender/broker purchases a mortgage lead from us, we will immediately remove that lead from the database and will make sure that the lead is not sold to anyone else. Once you purchase a lead they are solely yours.

2. Where do you get the Mortgage Leads from?
We get all our mortgage leads from the internet. We generate real time mortgage leads from our website, Loan Desire using the following techniques:

  • Opt-in Email Marketing
  • Popup Advertisements
  • Ad Banners
  • Advertising on Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate Websites

Home owners seeking mortgage loan have taken time to complete our online mortgage application form and submit their information to us. 

3. How fresh are the leads?
Less than 24 hours old.

4. How do I receive my leads?
Leads can be forwarded to the email address of your choice or can be faxed to you. Typically, we send leads in MS Excel format.

5. How are the Mortgage Leads Filtered?
Mortgage Leads are selectable by Loan Type,  Property Type, Credit Rating and State. We can also provide lead that are filtered based on Loan to Value (LTV) and Desired Loan Amount  for an additional cost than the price of the regular lead.

6. How much do Mortgage Leads Cost?
We sell only exclusive leads. Our Exclusive Leads are sold only to one broker/lender.  Find below our lead pricing for based on different volumes:

Number of Leads  Price/Lead
1-50 $30
51-100 $28
101-200 $27
201-500 $25
501-1000 $22

Mortgage Leads that are filtered by Loan Amount and LTV are available at an additional cost of $5 per lead.

7. How are your premier filters classified?


Category 1 80-85%
Category 2 86-90%,
Category 3 91-95%
Category 4 96-100%

Desired Loan Amount :

80,000(Lowest), 100000, 120000, 140000, 160000, 180000, 2,00,000(Highest)

8. How quickly are the Mortgage Leads delivered?
The Mortgage Leads are delivered real time within minutes of the borrower completing our online application.

9. What is your return policy?
If you are not satisfied with the quality of the leads that you purchased from us, You just need to email our customer Service Department Department at customerservice@lenderdesire.com to place your claim and state the reason for returning the lead. If the lead is found to be invalid due to certain reasons, we will be glad to exchange for fresh leads or refund your money. 

10. What are the conditions based on which a lead will be replaced?
A Mortgage Lead that we sent you can be replaced if it meets the following conditions stated below:

  • Borrower does not own the property
  • If the lead has wrong or lacks contact information
  • If the Borrower does not reside in the state he mentioned in the application form.
  • If it is a duplicate lead.

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