Why Buy From Us?

All the mortgage leads we provide are generated from the internet. Our Website Loan Desire.com was designed to help Home Owners to find the best rates on mortgage loans from one of the hundreds of Lenders, Mortgage Brokers and Financial Institutions across the country. Potential Borrowers seeking home loan have spent time to fill out an extensive mortgage application form at Loan Desire.com and are waiting for your call. Receiving mortgage leads from borrowers who are currently seeking for a mortgage loans and have taken time to complete an application will result in more closings. Lender Desire.com aims to match those motivated borrowers with qualified mortgage lenders like you. 

All the mortgage leads we sell are EXCLUSIVE. Our Pre-Qualified mortgage leads are FRESH, HIGH QUALITY, RESPONSIVE and COMPLETE and are bound to get you the results and improve your CLOSING RATIOS. All of our mortgage leads are generated online and stored and dispatched within minutes of the borrower submitting the online application via EMAIL or FAX using our state of the art LEAD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

If a lender purchases a mortgage lead from us, we will immediately remove that lead from the database and will make sure that the mortgage lead is not sold to anyone else. Once you purchase a mortgage lead from us, they are solely yours. You can rest assured that they are not sold to other brokers.

We do not charge any set up fees or we do not request you to pay money upfront. You got to choose the mortgage lead and pay for it. We offer you qualified pre-screened mortgage loan leads that suit your criteria and enhances your closing ratios.



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